Lord Edgware Dies Book Review

Lord Edgware Dies by Agatha Christie – Book Review

Main Characters:
Hercule Poirot – هيركيول بولرو
Carlotta Adams – كارلوتا أدمز
Arthur Hastings – آرثر هاستينجز
Lord Edgware
اللورد إدجيور
Jane Wilkinson – جاين ويلكنسون
Ronald Marsh-رونالد مارش

This is definitely one of my favorite Christie novels featuring Hercule Poirot. But before i start talking about the review I should just give a basic idea about the main plot, while attending a performance by an impressionist called Carlotta Adams, Poirot meets an actress called Jane Wilkinson  and she asks for his help to convince her husband, Lord Edgware, to divorce her. At first, he refused but in the end she was able to persuade Poirot and hire him,  but is surprised to find that Edgware already agreed to one and sent a letter to his wife of this; Wilkinson denies receiving it.

From the title of the novel you already know that Lord Edgware will die (No Spoilers Here!), Inspector Japp, informs Poirot and his friend Arthur Hastings that Edgware was murdered at his home in Regent Gates the previous evening, stabbed in the neck.

This is basically when the story starts to get real interesting, after the death of Lord Edgware, witnesses claimed that that on the night of his murder Lord Edgware’s wife Mrs. Jane Wilkinson visited him in his house (location of the murder). As your suspicion rises that was Jane Wilkinson who committed the crime it is quickly crushed with her solid alibi, at this point your mind starts the spiraling process!
for more details watch the video below! (Arabic Video)




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